Understand and retain your shoppers

Today’s mobile-first customer provides the opportunity to identify every visitor who walks in your door, understand what drove that visit and retarget to influence a purchase.

retail analytics

Connected Store

Bridging the GAP between the online and offline worlds

Empower your physical stores with the same analytics of online shops: visits, visitors, dwell times, capture rates, bounce, repeat & new visits,...

Expand your known customer list with first-party in-store profiles, and enhance your CRM or DMP with behavioral attributes from store visits. 

Connect with your customers in stores,  providing a better  and personalized in store experience.


Creating Digital Experiences in Restaurants and Coffee Chains
Monitor your customare retention rates, measure how offen your loyal customers are visiting you.
Measure the result of your marketing actions in terms of new customers and capture rate from street traffic.
Get better value from free wifi service  engaging with your customers and increasing their loyalty.

Shopping malls

Foot Analytics Illuminate Shopping malls managers with power insights into customer behavior and overall traffic.

Flows between floors and individual stores: visits, visitors, dwell times, visited zones, repetition rate, time to return.

We analyse visitor movement (floor-to-floor conversion, dwell time in all different areas of the mall).

We provide powerful insights as Type of visitor (tourist or local) and customer retention rate (CRR).

Wifi channel

Providing  a better in-store experience through a personalized wifi channel 
Detect customer presence and push personalized offers and services.
Enhance in-store experience with web mobile content as videos, music, ...
Increase you known customers list by inviting users to register in your "fans club".


Power up your analytics